We also manufacture other steel products and perform periodic IBC inspections

Valmistamme myös 
muita terästuotteita ja teemme IBC-määräaikaistarkastuksia

Other steel products


Pressure equipment, containers

We offer contract manufacturing of small water containers and various pressure equipment.


Steel products and assembly work

We offer a wide range of press, assembly and other metal subcontracting services and products. Take advantage of our team's outstanding professional skills in metal work and ask for a quote design and manufacturing project.


Periodic IBC inspections

Päätytuote is an approved tester for periodic IBC safety tank inspections. Book a visit from our on-site inspector or send your IBC packages to us for inspection

​For more information, contact Anni Kinnunen on +358 108 412 420 or send your query to her by email.

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Woks and griddles

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